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How's your Bank Holidy panning out?

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Memories of Garden Centres (not memorials!) 

I have been to many a garden centre in my time – spent a fortune but with mixed fortunes on the health and longevity of the plants! 

Garden centres have many fond memories though – cups of tea, a scone and jam and a wander for an hour or two.  It was a favourite place to take the two Nan’s (Mum and Mum-in-law) when they came to visit.  They commented on everything from giant palm trees (they’d never grow in Scotland!) to the cost of flower feed (why do the flowers need it anyway).  Neither of them were gardeners and would not have dreamed of buying so much as a pot plant for themselves.  But my Mum in particular did love flowers. 

However they bought plenty of plants for me!  One great memory was the tree (name escapes me) that was bought as a sapling.  I had innocently said I was thinking (really just thinking out loud!) that I might (just might!) like a tree for the front garden.  Before I knew it I was driving home with the soft top down and the tree being held in place in the back by an elderly lady on each side, hair whipping around their faces and smiles fixed in place by the breeze! 

They may not be with us anymore but two rose bushes (one red, one yellow) flower prolifically in my back garden – I’m sure they are getting a helping hand somehow – and the memories definitely linger on.Me at the Garden Centre 

As for garden centres - that’s where my kids take me when I go and visit them - so guess where I am this bank holiday!



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