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My Granny and her 'Pinny'

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Memories of Granny and her ‘Pinny'!

granny gibb 2

My Great Granny was born in Twechar in Scotland in 1883.  I have fond memories of her and the wonderful stories she used to tell me when she was a child with 13 brothers and sisters.  She was still a child when she went into service at the age of 13 on a local farm.  Transport then was your own two legs or occasionally a lift in a horse drawn trap so visits home were few and far between even though it was only a few miles away.

She always looked the same to me – an old lady when I was born (she was only 70 – not so old these days!!) Arthritis got her knees but she kept on going and at the age of 95 broke her hip.  She was told she could get out of hospital when she was mobile again and that’s exactly what she managed to do!  She promised my brother her letter from the Queen when she was 100 but she didn’t quite make it.

She had a long and I am sure she would say a happy life overall although parts of it were harder than we expect these days.  But one of my over-riding memories of her is her ‘pinny’.  She always wore a ‘pinny’ and it was a favourite present to give her at birthday and Christmas time.  I even made her one once – I think it was a sewing project at school.

The ‘pinny’ always got whipped off if a visitor arrived at the door and put on again as soon as they left.  It got used to wipe away a few tears, dab the blood on a cut knee and the corner was always useful to polish her glasses!  And the pocket always had a couple of pennies in it or a fisherman’s lozenge (remember them!)

grannys pinny

My Granny loved things to be bright and cheerful - I'm sure she would have loved these Scottish inspired apronsscott inness at lovely lane gifts (pink)

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