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Be an Angel Today

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angel wings todayToday – 22nd August – is Be an Angel Day.  It popped up on my email and I decided to find out a bit more. This day was established by Jayne Howard Feldman in 1993 – she hoped to encourage people to perform random acts of kindness and to help those in need.  That is a great purpose to have but do we really need to have a special day dedicated to it?

The short answer could be ‘no!’  Is it an act of kindness when we have to tell people to do it – or does that make it a chore?  And people are on the whole good and do kind deeds all the time don’t they?  Or are we rushing about and just don’t think?

On balance I would say ‘yes’ we should have a Be an Angel Day.  We are all so busy that we rarely stop to understand what small pieces of kindness can mean to people.  Taking the time to smile and say hello – it might brighten the day of a lonely person.  Sending a quick note (or text!) to your partner – an unexpected thank you can make them feel so good!  Popping by to say hello to Mum and Dad, putting the bins out for your elderly neighbour when you do your own, ringing a friend who is having a tough time.

Whether it is small things or slightly more time consuming things like volunteering in the community or doing friends a favour, they all have a feel good factor for you and the person you are helping – that’s a win – win in my book!  And I think that every act of kindness is like sending a snowball down a hill – it gets bigger as it goes and gathers a bit of speed.  Every kind act leaves a memory that is never lost and helps to brighten our day.

My first act of kindness today is to make hubby his first coffee of the day – he usually makes mine!

enjoy being an angel

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