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Thursday Tip - it's all about brooches!

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Creative Tips from Lovely Lane - It's all about the Brooches

How many of you have a box with jewellery and momentoes from the past?  I had (still have!) a lot of brooches - some were my Mums, some were my Grannys. I am unlikely to wear them but they are keepsakes from good times and memories of things that mattered.  

brooches cut out from lovely lane

So why not try this - get a box frame (I chose black but you can always get a pine one and paint it whatever colour suits).  Stick a little bit of padding on the inside of the back of the frame and then cover it in a piece of black material (I had a left over piece of black velvet from another project that worked really well).  Arrange the brooches  - artistically of course - and fit it all back in the frame.  I tidied up the back of the frame by covering it in masking tape.

Now you have a wall decoration that is full of memories!  Also a nice thing to do for someone to help them reminisce about the times when they wore them. 

This can always be adapted for other things - get the kids to collect some items from the beach or a special event or visit and then make a memory picture for their room.  With our summer weather there will be some rainy afternoons to fill in the holidays!

It's also a good way of creating a cost effective gift.  We all appreciate a gift that has that the personal touch.

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