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A Magical Memory of Childhood or ............ what?

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A magical memory of childhood or ……………?


I have fond memories of Cinderella – it was the first pantomime I ever saw.  With plenty of grandchildren but all boys who are more into computer games than fairy tales, I persuaded hubby that going along would make a great Saturday night out. 

We got to the cinema in good time – I’d booked the tickets in advance to make sure we got in – it was the first weekend it was out after all.  We watched it with another couple (of similar age to us) and one or two others joined us after the adverts.  Granted it was the 7.20 pm showing and maybe their target audience was already on their way to bed (or watching Ant and Dec)

I won’t say much about the storyline (you probably know what it is) but the costumes and the cinematography were great.  Cinderella’s tiny waist will be the envy of many and the ‘ugly’ sisters just needed a good makeover and, with a few more years of growing up, they could be quite nice.  They struck the right note for me - a bit silly but not malicious.

The Stepmother – played excellently by Kate Blanchett – had been widowed twice (unlucky!) and had a couple of immature daughters to marry off (unlucky again!). You got the sense that circumstance had driven her and made her jealous and malevolent. In another life I could see her as the strong, striking personality who would very efficiently (and excellently) run the allotment society or the Women’s Institute and who everybody secretly admired for their drive and determination.


Helena Bonham Carter gave us a new take on the Fairy Godmother, slightly quirky and I would like to be a bit like her!  Cinderella and her Prince were perfect of course, but not in a sweet or sickly way (not hubby’s opinion!).  They had to be up there as the hero and heroine but Cinderella was a strong character and no pushover and her Prince was handsome but not bland – he had a personality!

And talking of personalities – the mice stole the show!

There is no doubt, the sets, the costume, the drama are second to none and the performances are excellent.  Does it matter that we knew the story?  Probably not – it was beautiful, dream like and magnificent and was more about how we were taken through the beginning, middle and end of a well loved tale.

I enjoyed it, and a much more grown up version of the pantomime we are all used to.  It did bring back some lovely childhood memories for me and I am sure it will create a few new memories for others.  The DVD will be a good one to have on the shelf - then my grandsons can watch it without having to admit it!

If you are in any doubt about the storyline have a look at this – it makes a great keepsake gift.

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