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Rhubarb and Custard and all things in Jam Jars

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I spend the winter collecting jam jars.  I use them for all sorts of things – hanging tea lights in the garden, storing the kid’s marbles, collecting 2p pieces to take to the amusment arcade with the grandchildren, a colourful button jar and anything else I can think of.

 At this time of the year I make jam.  And chutney.  And pickle.  In fact anything to use up the glut of fruit and vegetable that arrives daily from the allotment.  We love the allotment (particularly hubby who would do that in preference to anything else!) and get really excited about the latest crop – especially if it is particularly healthy and abundant.  And then it arrives in the kitchen AAAAAAAAArgh!


What you need is a plan.  Advance planning and knowing what you are going to do with it is definitely the key.  It’s corguettes at the moment and I have perfected a particularly nice chocolate corguette cake – just don’t tell the kids what’s in it!  I have also just found a really simple corguette soup recipe – delicious!  Make it with yellow corguettes if you can – the colour is wonderful.

Beetroot chutney is a favourite – tried and tested.

We have just cropped the last of the rhubarb.  I used the easiest rhubarb jam recipe in the world found on a great allotment blog -  I now have 10 jars that can be put on toast, spooned into yoghurt, used to liven up vanilla ice cream or even eaten with a bit of custard!

 chocolate courgette cake bbc good food lovely lane  

beetroot chutney jam jars rhubarb lovely lane

 allotment jam jars chutney lovely lane  

Follow the links for the recipies – the internet is a wonderful thing!

Beetroot Chutney                

Courgette Soup                   

Chocolate Courgette Cake 

Rhubarb Jam                         and click on easy recipies

I'm just off to the kitchen to deal with the tomatoes!   Enjoy!  

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