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Welcome to our blog.  We want to help you make special memories for you, your family and your friends.  So we will share the ongoing adventure that is LOVELY LANE.  The memories, achievements, frustrations, traditions, chaos and hopefully some laughter and give you some memory making ideas and hints and tips along the way.

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  1. To Comfort or not to Comfort ……………..

    How do you deal with your child’s obsession with a cuddly toy?

    Diptic (2)I read in the Daily Mail today about Natalie Massenet, Mum to a boy and a girl and newly crowned head of Net-a-Porter.  She bought 8 of one comforter and 3 of another as her children are so devoted – presumably the fear of the tantrums and upset has prompted that.  A working mum has enough to deal with so avoidance tactics are a good one in my view!

    I remember having to cope with a whole evening of sobbing when my 4 year old son lost his pet (toy) dog which he had from birth.  Luckily we found it the next day and he still has it now (he is 39) although it is a bit dog eared (no pun intended!).  Now (I believe!) it s a sentimental memory and keepsake that he won’t part with. 

    Of my many grandchildren they have all had different comforters at different times and I would never deny them the security they must feel with a familiar object, but at what point do we stop scouring the internet for a replacement and help them deal with the loss?  Loss, as we know, being a part of every day life.

    My thought is that we help them along for as long as we can, finding replacements, buying a few in an anticipation – reality of life kicks in soon enough.  Great Nana Jen knitted all of our grandchildren a white shawl.  Our eldest granddaughter loved hers – she could put her fingers through the holes created by the pattern and hang on to it for dear life.  It became a mangled mess and when she was about five Nana Jen knitted her a replacement.

    I would much rather they gave up on their comforter naturally (as they do eventually) rather than it be forced.  But reality is that sometimes the loss happens and you just have to help them through it.  And as for you - a glass of wine might help as you wonder how you’ll ever get them to sleep again!

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  2. Memories of Garden Centres (not memorials!) 

    I have been to many a garden centre in my time – spent a fortune but with mixed fortunes on the health and longevity of the plants! 

    Garden centres have many fond memories though – cups of tea, a scone and jam and a wander for an hour or two.  It was a favourite place to take the two Nan’s (Mum and Mum-in-law) when they came to visit.  They commented on everything from giant palm trees (they’d never grow in Scotland!) to the cost of flower feed (why do the flowers need it anyway).  Neither of them were gardeners and would not have dreamed of buying so much as a pot plant for themselves.  But my Mum in particular did love flowers. 

    However they bought plenty of plants for me!  One great memory was the tree (name escapes me) that was bought as a sapling.  I had innocently said I was thinking (really just thinking out loud!) that I might (just might!) like a tree for the front garden.  Before I knew it I was driving home with the soft top down and the tree being held in place in the back by an elderly lady on each side, hair whipping around their faces and smiles fixed in place by the breeze! 

    They may not be with us anymore but two rose bushes (one red, one yellow) flower prolifically in my back garden – I’m sure they are getting a helping hand somehow – and the memories definitely linger on.Me at the Garden Centre 

    As for garden centres - that’s where my kids take me when I go and visit them - so guess where I am this bank holiday!



  3. Memories of Granny and her ‘Pinny'!

    granny gibb 2

    My Great Granny was born in Twechar in Scotland in 1883.  I have fond memories of her and the wonderful stories she used to tell me when she was a child with 13 brothers and sisters.  She was still a child when she went into service at the age of 13 on a local farm.  Transport then was your own two legs or occasionally a lift in a horse drawn trap so visits home were few and far between even though it was only a few miles away.

    She always looked the same to me – an old lady when I was born (she was only 70 – not so old these days!!) Arthritis got her knees but she kept on going and at the age of 95 broke her hip.  She was told she could get out of hospital when she was mobile again and that’s exactly what she managed to do!  She promised my brother her letter from the Queen when she was 100 but she didn’t quite make it.

    She had a long and I am sure she would say a happy life overall although parts of it were harder than we expect these days.  But one of my over-riding memories of her is her ‘pinny’.  She always wore a ‘pinny’ and it was a favourite present to give her at birthday and Christmas time.  I even made her one once – I think it was a sewing project at school.

    The ‘pinny’ always got whipped off if a visitor arrived at the door and put on again as soon as they left.  It got used to wipe away a few tears, dab the blood on a cut knee and the corner was always useful to polish her glasses!  And the pocket always had a couple of pennies in it or a fisherman’s lozenge (remember them!)

    grannys pinny

    My Granny loved things to be bright and cheerful - I'm sure she would have loved these Scottish inspired apronsscott inness at lovely lane gifts (pink)

  4. angel wings todayToday – 22nd August – is Be an Angel Day.  It popped up on my email and I decided to find out a bit more. This day was established by Jayne Howard Feldman in 1993 – she hoped to encourage people to perform random acts of kindness and to help those in need.  That is a great purpose to have but do we really need to have a special day dedicated to it?

    The short answer could be ‘no!’  Is it an act of kindness when we have to tell people to do it – or does that make it a chore?  And people are on the whole good and do kind deeds all the time don’t they?  Or are we rushing about and just don’t think?

    On balance I would say ‘yes’ we should have a Be an Angel Day.  We are all so busy that we rarely stop to understand what small pieces of kindness can mean to people.  Taking the time to smile and say hello – it might brighten the day of a lonely person.  Sending a quick note (or text!) to your partner – an unexpected thank you can make them feel so good!  Popping by to say hello to Mum and Dad, putting the bins out for your elderly neighbour when you do your own, ringing a friend who is having a tough time.

    Whether it is small things or slightly more time consuming things like volunteering in the community or doing friends a favour, they all have a feel good factor for you and the person you are helping – that’s a win – win in my book!  And I think that every act of kindness is like sending a snowball down a hill – it gets bigger as it goes and gathers a bit of speed.  Every kind act leaves a memory that is never lost and helps to brighten our day.

    My first act of kindness today is to make hubby his first coffee of the day – he usually makes mine!

    enjoy being an angel

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  5. Creative Tips from Lovely Lane - It's all about the Brooches

    How many of you have a box with jewellery and momentoes from the past?  I had (still have!) a lot of brooches - some were my Mums, some were my Grannys. I am unlikely to wear them but they are keepsakes from good times and memories of things that mattered.  

    brooches cut out from lovely lane

    So why not try this - get a box frame (I chose black but you can always get a pine one and paint it whatever colour suits).  Stick a little bit of padding on the inside of the back of the frame and then cover it in a piece of black material (I had a left over piece of black velvet from another project that worked really well).  Arrange the brooches  - artistically of course - and fit it all back in the frame.  I tidied up the back of the frame by covering it in masking tape.

    Now you have a wall decoration that is full of memories!  Also a nice thing to do for someone to help them reminisce about the times when they wore them. 

    This can always be adapted for other things - get the kids to collect some items from the beach or a special event or visit and then make a memory picture for their room.  With our summer weather there will be some rainy afternoons to fill in the holidays!

    It's also a good way of creating a cost effective gift.  We all appreciate a gift that has that the personal touch.