About Us

I'm Linda.  I had a successful career as an HR professional but always had a creative streak trying to get out!  Lovely Lane was born from a passion for giving gifts that create memories and remind us of times, places and/or events that are important to us.  In this throw-a-way age Lovely Lane want to encourage you to make, create and give things that leave lasting memories with the people you love and care about.

Just so you know what we mean, each of my 12 grandchildren have worn a shawl knitted by the Great Nan of our family.  She had to knit two at the same time when the twins were born!  The last time my daughter threw a dinner party the table decoration was a china teacup and saucer with a candle in it that belonged to her Great, Great Granny born in 1883.  And she has been an inspiration – Great Granny opened a shop when she was in her 60’s and was still telling us wonderful stories until she was 98.

Everyone has lovely memories, whether it be the birth of your first child or grandchild, the day your daughter or son graduates or just a lovely day out that you want to remember.  Lovely Lane want to help you capture them - whether you make something yourself or buy one of our slightly unique gifts - but everything given with love and a memory.

We aim to bring you something that is just a little bit different, supply it to you with customer service that is second to none and makes you want to come back for more!

And it is not always about buying something - check out MEMORY MAKING IDEAS for crafty makes or hints and tips to help you get creative, both in what you do and what you give.  We aim to update this with something different every two weeks.