We put that little extra thought into finding you unique gifts and keepsakes not readily available on the High Street to help celebrate and keep special memories safe. Affordable ideas for birthdays, weddings, baby's birth, milestones, keepsakes to remember a fun day out or a simple gift to let someone know you care.

  • Ragtales Alfie Softie
  • copper hearts ls
  • Tassen Bowl Herbs
  • 2015_Chocolate_Tasty_PLATE_withBITE_024
  • cufflinks
  • lady bird leaf 2
  • Coral 2
  • Alfie & Fifi on chair
  • girl with snoozy
  • lovely lane gifts bookishly bedtime story king

    Lovely Lane Home

    contemporary gifts for the home

    Lovely Lane Baby & Toddler

    Range of keepsake gifts for babies & toddlers

    Lovely Lane Keepsakes

    a range of keepsakes for special occasions

    The Printed Word as Art

    A shakespeare quote in art form

    AND THERE IS MORE ....................

    We are always on the lookout for something new, exciting or interesting so check these out